Why is ginger good for our gut health and general well-being?

Ginger has been used for thousands of years to treat our gut health and general well-being, good job it tastes fantastic too 😋.

ginger is good for gut health

So why is ginger good for our gut health and general well-being? Take a look below to find out why...👇

Ginger is packed with the compound Gingerol, this is what gives it that unique taste and smell that we have all come to love. Gingerol is a powerful anti-inflammatory that goes around collecting 'free-radical' cells, these cells are the main cause of inflammation. Explaining 'free-radicals' is a fairly complicated affair, to simplify things, think of a group of people that always needed to be together to have a good time, even if one member of their team was missing they wouldn't be able to have a good time (sounds boring!) - well, 'free-radicals' are these missing people bouncing around our bodies...science lesson over! 

Ginger may help with losing weight. A study of 80 women with obesity was carried out in 2016, it found ginger could help them lose weight by reducing blood insulin levels as high blood insulin levels can contribute towards obesity. Luckily our drinks are all under 65 calories, no breaking the calorie bank and they have no added sugar either 😘.

happy inside drinks, lemon yuzu & ginger flavour gut health drink

Ginger also helps aid digestion in a major way, this is great for people with IBS or an IBD like Chron's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. So how does ginger aid digestion? In basic terms it helps food move through your body quicker, so it doesn't get stuck and cause any problems 👍.

We can't think of a way to summarise how fabulous ginger is, it does all of the above and more, and is just a plant that grows in the ground! Got an itch for some ginger? Check it out in our Lively Lemon, Yuzu & Ginger drink here.

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