Three easy ways to improve your gut health with plant fibre

An easy way to improve your gut health is to eat more plant fibre.

Firstly, what is plant fibre?

Plant fibre is nothing new, it's what we’ve been eating for thousands of years and can be found in all sorts of fruit, vegetables and even trees. We now eat more processed foods than ever and should remember that, when it boils down to it, we are all a bunch of crazy cavemen and cavewomen looking for our next meal. 

So how much plant fibre do you need in your diet?

The government guideline is set at 30g of fibre a day. In the UK, nearly 66% of adults do not consume enough fibre and are short by around 10g every day… that’s a third… this is complete insanity! But don’t worry, this is not too hefty a target to achieve, especially if you want to improve your gut health.

Let us tell you about a few easy tricks…

Three easy ways to boost your plant fibre intake to improve your gut health

  1. Eat more hummus

Hummus is naturally high in plant fibre and it's a fab snack with some carrots (or nachos) when you are flagging at around 4pm! Half a pot of ChicP velvet hummus contains 6.9g of plant fibre, meaning you've nearly smashed the target in one! 

  1. Drink a Happy Inside for extra prebiotic plant fibre

All of our drinks are high in fibre and contain a whopping 2.5g of plant fibre per can. We use natural prebiotic plant fibre from acacia trees in our banging tasting drinks. Prebiotic plant fibre improves your gut health by feeding the good bacteria in your gut, so they thrive and multiply. It's been used for thousands of years in the Sahel region of Africa

  1. Eat some strawberries

Could there be an easier way to improve your gut health than eating strawberries? A handful of strawberries contains around 2g of plant fibre. Have them with your yoghurt and some granola at breakfast, or as a way to quell that desire for sugar after your evening meal. 

There you go… 3 easy ways to improve your gut health with plant fibre. Get ready for a happy tummy!