Three ways to heal your gut

Here are our 3 favourite ways to heal your gut.


Did you know one of the easiest ways to heal your gut is with exercise? And that doesn't mean pumping iron in the gym (who honestly enjoys that?!) or running marathons.

Going for a brisk walk can help to heal your gut because it improves your digestion. In short, it get's all the poop to move through – simple as that!  

For the more flexible of you, yoga is a banging way to heal your gut. Poses like a triangle, downward dog, upward dog and child’s pose promote optimal digestion (for a laugh, head to my TikTok account to see a very inflexible man (me!) attempting these poses. You will not regret it). Yoga is also a mega way to de-stress, and the less stressed you are, the better your gut health will be. 


We hear what you are saying... how can being hydrated help to heal my gut? Well let us explain how it can. Water moves nutrients around the body and helps to remove waste and toxins. So, if you think about it, being hydrated is a very effective way to heal your gut.

If you have over indulged over the weekend, for example, then you need to help your gut get rid of those extra toxins that will be floating around.  

Prebiotic Fibre

Consuming more prebiotic fibre is a super way to heal your gut. Our guts are crying out for prebiotic fibre all the time. It's the stuff that feeds our microbiome, that's the good bacteria in your gut.

Happy Inside drinks are all high in prebiotic fibre. By feeding our microbiome with prebiotic fibre we can heal our guts and be sure there is enough fibre to keep your visits to the toilet just the way you want them... soft and regular! 

So, turns out it's easy to heal your gut!